Internet, E-commerce & Hosting Statistics for 2016 Considering your online marketing just got a "little" easier. Internet statistics are available, but how is that applicable to you? The numbers are vast and your business is small, so how does that translate? As you read the information, how can you use it to advance your marketing? All worthy questions as you read through, and necessary for you to maintain perspective. Take a look and see for yourselves.   Read more [...]
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United’s carry-on baggage ban show airlines and customers don’t agree – Business Insider

When I saw this article, I got to thinking if this happened to us in the Caribbean what impact would it have on the business traveler. This would severely hamper the speed at which we could conduct business.

Take a look at the article yourselves via the following link:

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Apple, Salesforce, Google Among Top 25 Companies For Women, As Voted By Female Employees

The issue of equality in the workplace continues to be a point of contention. Some companies seem to be coping, and tney happen to be leading companies. Take a look at what they’re doing to overcome differences.

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Offshore Outsourcing Alive and Well in Barbados | CIO

In this 2001 article, Barbados was suggested to the be place where outsourcing was a viable option. The advantages were touted within this article. Now in 2016, there has been a fall off. Why is this so? Where have we lost the advantages once had? Were we not paying attention to safeguarding those advantages and growing in value as an outsourcing specialist? Read the article below and discuss. I would love to hear your feedback. Read more [...]
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17 Of The Best Motivational Quotes About Gratitude •

This is a compilation of quotes that came in via my social media account. It’s so good that I thought I would share it with you so that you too can experience gratitude that someone took the time to compile them. They serve as great reminders that we have so much to be thankful for. Check them out below.

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8 Unusual Ways to Pump Yourself Up Before a Sales Call |

When I read the headline, I thought, what could they possibly have come up with this time. The intrigue worked and got me to reading. The information wasn’t new, but was a great reminder for those who work in sales. The thing is, the suggested methods actually work…

Here’s the link below!

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Quiz! How Did This Leader in Women’s Fitness Wear Create Millions of Loyal Shoppers?

Sometimes innovation of the business system(s) is what’s required to move from zero to hero. Here a link about how another retail giant emerged using technology and saving money at the same time. They became attentive.

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The pinnacle of a business

When you think about it, why do we get out of bed to do this thing called business? Is there a measure of satisfaction derived? Is it fear of the unknown? What is the driving force? Some entities continue to operate daily, even though those at its helm seem to have none of the qualities we are taught to be necessary when winning a business. Somehow these businesses seem to survive despite their being saddle with mediocrity. Yet still there are others, who seem to have grandiose ideas of Read more [...]
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Google for Work – Enterprise Solutions to Work the Way You Live

Totally enjoying what Google is doing with their products available via Google for work. It really simplifies the way we work without the hassle usually associated with technology. They handle all the upgrades and updates. Their software is user friendly and easy to use. Best of all they also handle the security issues usually associated with being on the internet. Take a look by using the following link and see how this bit of ingenuity can help your business grow and advance. Read more [...]
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Even Tim Cook’s fawning visit could not get India an Apple (AAPL) store — Quartz

Even Tim Cook’s fawning visit could not get India an Apple store

Read this and other news about doing business in India noting some of the concerns of the environment that one must function within.

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