The Questions…

This photographer's image is beautiful.

This photographer’s image is beautiful.

Today’s business environment is changing so fast that it can leave one feeling quite bewildered. Businesses are shrinking. Economies are more than dynamic. It would appear, security no longer refers to jobs.

The news is littered with stories of layoffs by a variety of names, even governments seem to be getting into the fray. Employees are seeking to become qualified for the careers they hope to pursue. Yet they seem to be studying to pass exams as opposed to becoming competent, making them seem like an expense to be cut rather than an asset to be invested in by the places where they work.

No one seems to be realizing that their competition has expanded. It no longer comprises of who is in the same business you are in, and where they are located. Your competition is whoever is competing for the same dollars that you are which seem to be in limited supply.

Thinking, as I often do, I have realized that they are questions no one wishes to ask nor answer. Though not seeking to provide answers, perhaps I can offer a few questions to jumpstart the process, in the hopes that others can offer some enlightenment as to the situations we face.

  • Living in societies where entrepreneurship and innovation are the watchwords, why hasn’t the business climate adapted to be more accommodating to these type of business? We seem stuck in business ownership rather than business start-up in its truest form. Why are we are yet to build a myriad of businesses that extend beyond our borders?
  • Why are our business owners not reading more about how to truly lead within their areas of business? There is a reliance on news reported in the newspaper rather than on information designed to create the leadership advantage within the chosen field.
  • If there were enough businesses operating efficiently with decent income levels, generating employment, and enhancing their profitability; how would that impact the economy with regards to taxation, GDP, investment, and exports?
  • There needs to be a macro level model which enables and empowers businesses to realize their fullest potential with incentives offered for the export capacity building. Most of the business programs teach about running a business but do not highlight the advantages of export and the benefits of earning foreign exchange. Guidance is needed on who they, the entrepreneurs, should interact with in order to build export potential first on the micro levels and then expand.
  • They need to understand that our customs brokers can not only assist them with importation but the logistics and planning involved with exporting can also be accommodated by our brokers for inter and extra-regional trade. Just as we desire products from other parts of the world, there must be a demand for ours which people should not have to wait until they are tourists visiting our shores to experience.
  • Napoleon Hill wrote the book Think and Grow Rich. With the education that is within our society, why are they not think tanks involved at varying levels with the mission to activate various operational levels to ensure we put our current economic situation behind us?

We all have questions/opinions/stances floating around like butterflies flittering through our society. Let’s get those said butterflies flying in formation and see what a force they can be. It’s time for a serious look at our Barbados. We can do it successfully!

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