Good manners can help with great service – a case study

Managers, are you hiring just to say that a vacancy is filled or do you really consider what your establishment wants to portray to the public that you serve? The reason this needs to be asked is that there are just too many complaints about the lack of customer service.

Sadly, it is backed by evidence seen all too readily within a variety of establishments. Many who are responsible for serving are confusing service and servitude, friendliness and familiarity are also gone to another level given some of the reference made to customers and the terms by which they are referred to.

Sure given the way society has evolved, we may have gone to school with some of those who are customers, however we must be cognizant that they are people who are paying for excellent service and that is what they will require of any historical relationship – excellence with attention to detail; especially if they are entertaining a party at your establishment.

Yes Sir / Madam is always a safe route, the terms of endearment – honey, darling, sweetheart, and others like it and just ways of pushing the customer away from you, not drawing them in to want to do business with you again.

I saw a bartender who made a poor round of drinks and was called out on it by his superior after complaints were made, have his performance as a professional bartender slip rather than use it as an opportunity to shine and make up for his error. He came back to the bar with hands in his pockets waiting for those around the bar to place orders with him by staring them down. REALLY?!?!

The supervisor was behind him a way off, observed the situation and came in to replace him and execute service that was way more palatable to the guests there. The guests were so relieved to have been rescued that they asked the supervisor to serve them the rest of the evening exclusively.

Now how is that supervisor to perform his other functions when he has to be doing the job of the bartender? What would your thoughts be? Train or terminate that staff member? Would love to see the various thoughts.

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