Workplace Entitlement

Annually, in some society, there’s always the discussion on entitlement in the workplace. Unions, Management, Staff, and the Public all have their varying opinions.

The thing is, it seems like everyone has more say than the actual stakeholders. In some circles, seemingly obsolete methods and practices of negotiation continually arise. The cycle seems to be such that everyone identifies with their point of view and lock into it at the exclusion of everyone else and at the end of the day no one questions who really suffers as a result of these conflicts.

The passage of time and observation reveals that the victim is the customer; who ironically are the grouping that the negotiations are supposed to ultimately help get better service.

Have we lost our way? While it is true that there must be measures in place to protect the employee, it doesn’t mean that all employers are villains.

What needs to happen though is that there is a need to enhance our communication and establish more empathy and trust.

While we are at it, isn’t it time that the aspect of employees working smarter and more productively come into play? This is especially so when the working conditions are continually enhanced often with labour saving devices/equipment.

If there’s an entitlement approach taking place, then it needs to be holistically serving all involved. Yes, the ways that business has been/is being done is changing; so must our methods and models be upgraded to cope with the ever-evolving situations.

Having paper qualifications is not enough, neither is being qualified by association (who you know), merit should also be given to experience (not doing the same thing repeatedly for a number of years), but having individuals who can comprehensively represent your organization is key to the organizations’ success. Let’s make a difference from today.

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