Are cluster businesses the emerging business model in small economies?



Businesses have evolved over the past 20 years at an alarming rate. There has been massive growth, then downsizing, then retooling, and new the renewed, revised, and evolving entrepreneurship. Business has been changing at such a rate that there are hardly any observers left to adequately identify the changes.

Sure there are a lot more people educated about business, but they are spending their time working in their businesses rather than on them. The environment is changing so fast that by the time you figure out how to use the business model you’ve developed it is rendered obsolete by the markets within which you are functioning.

Business is no longer an organism where you can be chief, cook and bottle washer. No, you have to identify your area of passion, where you have the sound competency and for which there is a dire need. You then have to identify strategic partners who do the same in the areas that you lack, then you have to draw on the expertise of many in a similar fashion to ants in a nest to address the big problems by addressing the minute details of each problem within the setting of a network of competency.

In short, to adequately deal with the problems of the day, we have to function as business clusters. Not alienating those outside the core network, but integrating them to deploy them into other areas which you are too busy to address. There is enough work for everyone.

By the time that you have finished reading this article, problems would have ballooned into something that can be quite large; with big titles like Food security, Tourism decline, Educational deficiencies, Foreign exchange declines, Health and safety hazards. The lists can go on complete with variations.

The thing is the solutions are already available to us once we learn to work together without our egos getting in the way. While they may overwhelm us as single entities, we can succeed if we learn to work as cluster businesses.


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