Caribbean Tourism – Are we business ready?

Just today I was doing some work on the computer when a post came in from a friend. It showed a rough day at work; to say they’re picturesque is an understatement. However they got me thinking.

During that process I flipped the script of the problems the media sees happening with in the USA and looked for the opportunities. I realized that based on the suggestions within the news that the Caribbean’s tourism can benefit significantly if the plans are well executed.

Without casting any blame on the US. We can significantly boost our tourism from Bahamas and Cayman through to Guyana; offering a melting pot of experiences to our visitors and having our economies boosted as a result of the foreign exchange influx all the while promoting our indigenous products and services which will ensure we keep most of what we make.

I have some friends that their work takes them to some really nice places; even in their own back yards and other parts within our region and around the globe.

Within the globe right now, everyone’s high strung and stressed. What if we were to really enhance our customer service and experiences within our domains; wouldn’t that help our guests to feel a sense of comfort and peace? What do people really need on their time off from their daily lives and do we have the capacity to provide it? I think we do, and it’s going to take some effort on our part.

Once we do it well enough, we also get paid for making others happy. How’s that for a winner? So welcome to the Caribbean where you’ll experience love, great scenery, music, foods, and yes people who enjoy hosting others. Come one and all. We’ll tweak our skills to make it delightful during your stay with us.

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Live in the Caribbean and travel the globe - at least that's my thinking. Love to see the world through the lenses of my friends. They travel to some exotic places. Honing my writing skills.
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