Entrepreneurs: Are you ready for success?

This captions what I’m saying best.

What is success? It is a much touted word that almost every entrepreneur, every business plan, every social encounter uses at least once in their discussions. Many conversations have been overheard about that someday when success comes how they world will be changed for the better; it then passes and fades away with the years being nothing more than another long list of gaffes.

In this instance, the dictionary definition of success is not going to be discussed as you can do that yourself. In my working life, I have had the privilege of working / serving among some really wealthy people. It is noteworthy that though some of them have never met they shared similar qualities. Here are a few of them:

  • Respect for themselves, others, and the opinions of others.
  • Listening skills – they use them in proportion to their mouths, in that they listen twice as much as they speak.
  • Well spoken – not necessarily perfect grammar, but they took pains to ensure they were understood when they did have reason to speak.
  • Generosity, not necessarily giving away money; but more importantly wisdom and encouragement that if you use wisely, you too may achieve levels of wealth.
  • Humility, never being the braggart. Their wealth went beyond money to almost a kind of an all encompassing presence. Though shy or extroverted, they never were snooty.
  • Classy – loving when things are done well with a high measure of excellence and dependability.
  • Favour – It seems that the more money you have the less seldom you have to use it, as you are given great favour in instances that money surely cannot purchase despite the high value.
  • Knowledge – conversations focus on developmental ideas never on people. There’s just no room for gossip as it’s quite destructive. They seem to know a little about a wide variety of topics; reading, researching, and listening which when coupled with experiences lead to a really rewarding life and lifestyle.
  • Security consciousness – has little to do with guards for themselves and more to do with being aware at all times. Security extends to their families, friends, loved ones, communities, and their environment. They are more cautious about what they say, their behaviour, their attire in terms of what is portrayed to those they serve.

It should be noted that in the realms of success there’s a distinct difference between rich and wealthy. Rich just deals with money. Wealth is all encompassing.

Now that you know what you have read, it is important for you to determine if you are going to be just rich or would you rather be wealthy.

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