Changing Format and Direction for this blog

It’s been a real challenge with time constraints of late and managing multiple blogs both internally and externally. That being said, the time has come to reluctantly change direction.

At first, I thought that I could get other contributors who would put forward articles; giving a different feel to the blog and offering other insights. Well those I contacted are even more busy than I am.

So after lots of thought, I’ve decided on a few things.

There is a lot of information out there, much of written by others who are far better writers than I am, but there’s something I may have that they don’t have – marketing.

Though I don’t get many people responding to my blog articles. I have received phone calls, direct messages, and personal interactions with people who said that they have read and benefited from the information put on the blogs.

Now I’m a giver, which means that though I manage multiple blogs; trying to write content for them all is a task in itself. I will therefore focus on a few areas of business and promote them via our site. It will be quality information of course which will offer useful information to the reader.

I will continue to post articles here. Not to mention that you can find me on other social media like Twitter, LinkedIn; and good ole Facebook to name some.

Have an awesome time reading and learning. I know that I will. Thanks for being great readers over the years and we’ll link again.

About Richieb93

Live in the Caribbean and travel the globe - at least that's my thinking. Love to see the world through the lenses of my friends. They travel to some exotic places. Honing my writing skills.
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