A Tournament Pits Strategists Against Each Other to See What Works – HBR

This is quite an interesting read. It pushes back against the thinking of business school and makes one realize some aspects of business that were previously misunderstood or taken for granted. Nothing is ever as it seems, don’t believe me. Read it for yourselves.  Would love to get your feedback afterwards.


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  • I love that article! Then again, I wrote it. 🙂 Thank you, Business@IslandTime, for sharing it.

    Readers: you can enter the Top Pricer Tournament in confidence and for free. Details in the HBR article.

    • Thanks Mark. It is a great article! Finding contributors is not easy, and I believe that more than my voice needs to be heard. There are lots of good thought leaders who don’t get the time of day since there are still many who do not readily read as frequently as the ought to. Why not link so that you have another avenue for you publications to have readership? Wishing you the best.