Saving Lives through Customer Service

Depression in its various forms can affect any of us.  It can happen from situations that affect our daily lives in the home, office, interaction in various aspects of daily living.

Life can be rough…

All organizations that serve people must realize that people are generally going through rough times.  Sure the smile’s there, but the underlying emotions are such that people are literally dying to feel some form of appreciation.

Economic times are rough and they are literally affecting people not only financially, but also emotionally in other aspects of their lives.  Many may even appear tough, but the truth is they are quite vulnerable.

Yes, the wrong word or action can induce suicidal thoughts or if they were already present, introduce individuals to the courage they need to carry out whatever ghastly deed to end their lives.

A depressed person…

Though I’m no expert on depression, I do appreciate that it can occur at a moment’s notice.  Some medications can introduce it where it was previously not even a consideration. I am somewhat more familiar with what customer service can do.  The benefits in training are often described for the sake of the organization which is supposed to offer the required service level.  However, here’s what’s happening…

  • Have you ever offered a kind word or gesture to someone and they burst out crying uncontrollably?
  • Have you ever made someone feel quite important just by edifying them and by so doing you benefited far beyond what you thought would have been possible both from their experience and from yours?
  • Have you ever had someone express gratitude to you when you thought you did something seemingly insignificant?
  • Have you ever had someone tell you the story of what you may have just saved them from doing?

Organizations have to move beyond the profit motive to their social contributions.  Here’s how they can ensure they do so:

  1. All members of teams need to understand the need to function with compassion and care
  2. Empathy is critical in dealing with people, listening to what’s not being said and understanding the situation
  3. This type of care is brotherly / sisterly and is not limited to organizations but also at the personal level – Romans 12:13 “distributing to the needs of the saints, z given 1 to hospitality.” again in 1 Peter 4:9 “Be hospitable to one another h without grumbling.”

Maybe we need to broaden the scope from the limiting customer service to hospitality. So that it would not only be people within organizations practicing hospitality, but everyone generally.

As business people, we need to extend and enhance our care levels to the public. Let’s use every opportunity we get to save lives through our customer service. You never know how close that person may be so be nice to everyone.

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