The experience of a tourist.


Have you experienced tourism as a tourist? Too often tourism providers are so engaged in creating the experience for their guests that they seldom get to realize the benefits of their creations. In instances it is permitted, it is so fleeting and hurried that it does not really get to make a mark on their minds for a more permanent effect.


Recently I had the experience of being a tourist. While in Florida we stayed with one of the Marriott properties. It has been a long time that I have experienced staff that were so on the ball.

  • They knew my entire party by name.
  • Nothing seemed to be a chore or bother for them.
  • They never made you feel that every request made of them was a financial decision.
  • They followed up on every task to ensure satisfaction.
  • They always explained everything that required just a little clarification, without making anyone feel their question(s) were too trivial.
  • They not only smiled with us, they laughed with us. Never at us.
  • In short, the property was so inviting that while checking out, the next trip to that area was booked at the same time.


    The team work was outstanding, from the gate, through reception and housekeeping. Everyone was on the same page, same chapter as it referred to service. To capture the experience in a word – Outstanding! The departments, though different, functioned like a well toned and fit body.


    BRAVO on providing an experience that others can only imagine!!! Continue to keep your standards high.

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