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Hurray for the second chance!

If you’ve been in business long enough or if you’ve ever attended a sales seminar; you would have heard you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. It is something that participants have swallowed hook line … Continue reading

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Internet, E-commerce & Hosting Statistics for 2016 Considering your online marketing just got a “little” easier. Internet statistics are available, but how is that applicable to you? The numbers are vast and your business is small, so how does that translate? As you read the information, … Continue reading

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8 Unusual Ways to Pump Yourself Up Before a Sales Call |

When I read the headline, I thought, what could they possibly have come up with this time. The intrigue worked and got me to reading. The information wasn’t new, but was a great reminder for those who work in sales. … Continue reading

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Google for Work – Enterprise Solutions to Work the Way You Live

Totally enjoying what Google is doing with their products available via Google for work. It really simplifies the way we work without the hassle usually associated with technology. They handle all the upgrades and updates. Their software is user friendly … Continue reading

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Three big airlines just trashed your cheap fares

I saw this article and got to thinking. The airlines are saying and getting what they want; but what about the consumer, the traveling public who has been putting up with the poor service in spite of increased ticket fares. … Continue reading

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Using customer service to earn revenue

Do what? I’m sure that you mean sales in terms of earning revenue. Surely your title is mistaken. For many years it has been touted that providing great customer service is key to your business’ success. Yet paying attention to … Continue reading

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10 Unforgettable Quotes by Jim Rohn | SUCCESS

If ever there were keys to success, they can comprise of what Jim Rohn’s suggested. In this article, he’s captured the essence of a wide variety of experiences in to a few short sentences. Click on the following link to … Continue reading

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Changing Format and Direction for this blog

It’s been a real challenge with time constraints of late and managing multiple blogs both internally and externally. That being said, the time has come to reluctantly change direction. At first, I thought that I could get other contributors who … Continue reading

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Tools of the Trade

In business, there’s so much to be done. Historically this had to have entire departments dedicated to the various tasks. E.g. Accounts, HR, Marketing, you get the picture. Twenty years ago, what we can do now would have been impossible. … Continue reading

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Chrome Live: Keynote

Follow this link to see how Google for Work may benefit your business from start up through expansion. This may enable businesses to become more quickly established, while being secure. Would welcome your feedback when you’ve reviewed the information.

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