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Live in the Caribbean and travel the globe - at least that's my thinking. Love to see the world through the lenses of my friends. They travel to some exotic places. Honing my writing skills.

Good manners can help with great service – a case study

Managers, are you hiring just to say that a vacancy is filled or do you really consider what your establishment wants to portray to the public that you serve? The reason this needs to be asked is that there are … Continue reading

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Workplace Entitlement

Annually, in some society, there’s always the discussion on entitlement in the workplace. Unions, Management, Staff, and the Public all have their varying opinions. The thing is, it seems like everyone has more say than the actual stakeholders. In some … Continue reading

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Hurray for the second chance!

If you’ve been in business long enough or if you’ve ever attended a sales seminar; you would have heard you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. It is something that participants have swallowed hook line … Continue reading

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Are cluster businesses the emerging business model in small economies?

Businesses have evolved over the past 20 years at an alarming rate. There has been massive growth, then downsizing, then retooling, and new the renewed, revised, and evolving entrepreneurship. Business has been changing at such a rate that there are … Continue reading

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Economy suffers from a shortage of safe assets

Amid challenges of a performance decline of its economic viability, Barbados must ask itself some serious questions. This article should help with formulating some of these questions since it says specifically what safe assets are, why they are needed and … Continue reading

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Worlds apart

Have you ever interacted with a business/organization that the experience was absolutely terrible yet while you were waiting you saw their mission statement on the wall in the foyer that made you wonder if it was the same entity? The … Continue reading

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Caribbean Tourism – Are we business ready?

Just today I was doing some work on the computer when a post came in from a friend. It showed a rough day at work; to say they’re picturesque is an understatement. However they got me thinking. During that process … Continue reading

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What’s in a Business Name!

What’s in a business name. Today I’m not looking at the marketability of the name, but the thinking behind it. There are some people who name their businesses after family members and relatives. Some may think this to be noble; … Continue reading

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Internet, E-commerce & Hosting Statistics for 2016 Considering your online marketing just got a “little” easier. Internet statistics are available, but how is that applicable to you? The numbers are vast and your business is small, so how does that translate? As you read the information, … Continue reading

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United’s carry-on baggage ban show airlines and customers don’t agree – Business Insider

When I saw this article, I got to thinking if this happened to us in the Caribbean what impact would it have on the business traveler. This would severely hamper the speed at which we could conduct business. Take a … Continue reading

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