The Laptop Lifestyle: A Genuine Possibility Or An Idealistic Mirage? | HuffPost

I like this article since it gives a practical insight into what actually goes into working remotely. It's not all fun and games, yet can be rewarding on so many levels. Click the following link and see what I mean. There are areas with which I agree, especially when it comes to finding reliable internet connectivity. Enjoy!   Read more [...]
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10 Technologies That Are Changing the World

During my lifetime, I've seen changes that made me believe that we're alive at a very dynamic time in human history. Much of what we're seeing and experiencing today were thought to only happen in the movies. The products of our imagination becoming our reality demonstrates that as a man thinketh, so is he. Check out the link below to this article to see what I mean. Read more [...]
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This Successful Ecommerce Entrepreneur Explains How to Tell The Difference Between Urgent and Important

This is a must read article.

Click this link for the article:

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There’s an urgency among SMEs

2018 has begun with business owners feeling a bit of tension due to the environments that they have to operate within. The problems though not new seemed to have intensified. The question still remains as to how those in business will cope. The key is to feed your mind information that is useful and positive. Turn your thinking to the possibility of successes rather than dreading failure. Instead of saying something isn't possible now, ask yourselves how you can do it. Keep a keen eye looking Read more [...]
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The Questions…

Today's business environment is changing so fast that it can leave one feeling quite bewildered. Businesses are shrinking. Economies are more than dynamic. It would appear, security no longer refers to jobs. The news is littered with stories of layoffs by a variety of names, even governments seem to be getting into the fray. Employees are seeking to become qualified for the careers they hope to pursue. Yet they seem to be studying to pass exams as opposed to becoming competent, making them Read more [...]
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Good manners can help with great service – a case study

Managers, are you hiring just to say that a vacancy is filled or do you really consider what your establishment wants to portray to the public that you serve? The reason this needs to be asked is that there are just too many complaints about the lack of customer service. Sadly, it is backed by evidence seen all too readily within a variety of establishments. Many who are responsible for serving are confusing service and servitude, friendliness and familiarity are also gone to another level given Read more [...]
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Workplace Entitlement

Annually, in some society, there's always the discussion on entitlement in the workplace. Unions, Management, Staff, and the Public all have their varying opinions. The thing is, it seems like everyone has more say than the actual stakeholders. In some circles, seemingly obsolete methods and practices of negotiation continually arise. The cycle seems to be such that everyone identifies with their point of view and lock into it at the exclusion of everyone else and at the end of the day no one Read more [...]
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Hurray for the second chance!

If you've been in business long enough or if you've ever attended a sales seminar; you would have heard you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. It is something that participants have swallowed hook line and sinker, and few have taken the time to prove. Yet the saying is regurgitated to teams of new and existing members on a global scale. I err on the side of being one of those people who like to prove things. If you have been in business long enough, you would have made Read more [...]
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Are cluster businesses the emerging business model in small economies?

Businesses have evolved over the past 20 years at an alarming rate. There has been massive growth, then downsizing, then retooling, and new the renewed, revised, and evolving entrepreneurship. Business has been changing at such a rate that there are hardly any observers left to adequately identify the changes. Sure there are a lot more people educated about business, but they are spending their time working in their businesses rather than on them. The environment is changing so fast that by Read more [...]
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Economy suffers from a shortage of safe assets

Amid challenges of a performance decline of its economic viability, Barbados must ask itself some serious questions. This article should help with formulating some of these questions since it says specifically what safe assets are, why they are needed and their importance of making changes if we are to turn around the economic free fall. I have always said that a jet ski can turn around faster than the titanic. This being said, Read more [...]
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